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Utilizing my intuition and receiving guided divine help, I create aesthetically pleasing & functional websites that are designed to connect new clients to you who align with your frequencies of your products and services.

Design And Images*1656693878745*1656692393335*12*svg?alt=media&token=b40a9405-12f9-4592-ba77-a4825edd0550
Typography includes type design, font style, modifying type glyphs and arranging type. All of these intricate details plays such an important factor in the overall beauty and continuity of a website.*1656693881255*1656692393329*9*svg?alt=media&token=86c9cdc1-6023-4d49-9623-0f3c018d14b7
Page layout
Page layout deals with the arrangement of elements (content) on a page, such as image placement, text layout and style. Every website is personalized.  It includes a story about you, the business owner and of the accumulation of 'blood, sweat, and tears' that you've poured into your business to provide a service or product that touches people's hearts and adds to their lives in some way.*1656693883849*1656692393334*11*svg?alt=media&token=426d7c6b-c3df-4312-87fc-a21cba863eab
Tech Cards
Personalized digital business cards are available. These high quality, durable cards will instantly transfer your contact info, links, social media easily into the smartphone of the people you meet in person, and also accepts payment from your clients. The card fits perfectly in your wallet. One card is all you need, instead of handing out paper cards. I like using this card over business cards, because 1. the transfer of my business contact is instantly placed into the clients phone contacts.  This way they cannot forget who I am or how to reach me in the future, nor need to have to go through the trouble of inputting my information into their phone. Plus, there is so much more contact information about me, that will be listed under my contacts, (such as my social media links), into their smartphone.*1656693886289*1656692393333*10*svg?alt=media&token=01aba3f0-942b-4a0f-849d-4a3c00538411
Strategy is to use the heart 💙 as the decision maker over the mind 🧠. To listen to intuitive and divine guidance as I build each client's website. 

What About Colors?


What Our Clients Say*1656693891256*1656691343076*6*png?alt=media&token=ac3af3b6-91f3-4949-8a10-7add9cbf5953
Duncan Bailey
"I am impressed with the speed of work and the level of quality,  and integrity, of Vicki. I did not think that everything is so simple when an intuitive creator gets down to business!"*1656693895321*1656691343071*5*png?alt=media&token=c91f3923-cb7c-45af-8f2b-3edd94cf29c4
Myla Guerrero
"I am impressed with the speed of work and the level of quality of Vicki's work I did not think that everything is so simple when professionals get down to business!"

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  • Interface design
    Since the advent of personal computers, many graphic designers have become involved in interface design, in an environment commonly referred to as a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Your site is created with your viewer in mind, to assist them in finding find what they are looking for quickly. Whether they are viewing from a smartphone or a computer monitor, the  GUI helps with display information energy from your website easily.
  • User experience design
    User experience design (UX) is the study, analysis, and development of creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. Those clients who are ready at the right time, and who desire your services will come to you, as long as you are putting out the energy of availability to seeing new clients. If you subconsciously, in some way or form, do not desire 100% to see new clients, (such as having an illness, or you're temporarily having an already busy hectic personal life), then chances are that you won't be attracting as many new clients during this time.
  • Experiential graphic design
    Experiential graphic design is the application of communication skills to the built environment. I love working with colors and creating a beautiful orchestra of symbiance and eye pleasing pallets!  Every single color has it own meaning and purpose, and they, too, have healing energies. I begin your website with asking you what is your favorite color and we will base your website from there.

  • Text Content 
    The text content is written, as with everything else pertaining to the creation of the website, with the help of divine guidance, my intuitive knowing, and experience. As I create the website, I also factor in SEO tools to help in the search engine optimization of your site. The 'right' clients will read what you say on your website, and will be touched and be drawn to choose you as the person that they call for your services and more information. The "right' clients will be the ones who can benefit from what you personally offer and will align with you. Additionally, as synchronicities frequently happens- you may find that these new clients will 'teach' you valuable lessons for valuable inner growth and/or you'll find might be a surprising source of valuable knowledge or connections.

  • Images  We will place the perfect images on your website, that invokes the highest beauty, with the perfect communication to the viewer, blending the images and website together to form a wonderful orchestra playing the perfect sound of your business!*1656693899056*1656690325611*2*png?alt=media&token=c15a72f5-f130-4a39-8fda-8abb8d89ebc9*1656693902845*1656690325615*3*png?alt=media&token=b6777169-a896-4964-9c8f-3522d8f7e73b*1656693906770*1656690325618*video*png?alt=media&token=3e1c2907-e929-47e7-bc59-acab2bae2064

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